My issues with Blogging


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*sigh, some of the best blog posts I’ve read were those that came from the blogger’s heart. Well written, honest posts bring the reader and writer together. It’s one of the reasons why I love the new mommy posts on Jezebel. Those moms write about the hardships and good times of being a mom without the sugar coating I get from my friends.

I’ve started writing several blogs and they start out great – topics that aren’t super in-depth, easy writing or explaining. After a few posts, I become super self conscious and stop writing and my ish-damn-ues with blogging arrive in this order: Continue reading


Amy, Amy, Amy. My response to those who ‘saw-it-coming’.


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Que MIA’s song and the infamous number 27. Que the ‘Rehab’ and didn’t-see-that-one-coming jokes. But to all the haters:

1. If a person is racked with addiction, is his/her death less significant?

2. Is it fair to place the death of many over the death of one who is closer to the sympathizer? Continue reading

Gah…another attempt at blogging


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This week, so many random things happened that again, my brain thinks that every person will want to know about them! My inner Ke$ha rears her glittered head and shouts “Look at me! I’m so funny and silly and personable! And different! I’m so unique!”

And I went to the Central Florida BlogCon and was super inspired by all of the fantastic CFL bloggers who shared their experience and happiness being a blogger. Continue reading