You want to know about me?

I never thought an “About Me” page would be so hard to write but I’ve read lots of authors who feel like that.

I think I’m afraid it will turn out too much like an eHarmony profile: starts out promising to be the love of your life and then reveals the iss-damn-ues and hell-to-the-no’s.

The best way to describe me is: yes, I get told all the time I look like Sarah Silverman, I love the show ‘Dexter‘, reading Jezebel and playing tennis. Writing twice each week is my plan and I post pretty often on Yelp as well.

I’ve got a boyfriend who makes me laugh more than anyone on this planet and I’m involved with the most bad ass adventure 5K ever, Savage Race.

And I’ve just moved to Wilmington, NC with my BF. Our only hope is to meet Kenny Powers who is filmed here. MFCEO.

Yep, this is me. Holla!


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