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I’ve written two posts now that WORDPRESS completely erased. *Hatehatehate

So two months have passed here in Wilmington and Dicky & I seem to be changing a bit. Its like the Southern Charm mixed with this weird, historic schtuff here and I come home to this:

Meatballs in a mini muffin tin. Bork Bork Bork

Anyway. Tim Blackman Senior & Timothy Blackman Junior & Tar Bag (the dog) came to Wilmington last week to the detriment of our waistlines. As my dad explains it: Tar gets these intense cravings for sugar, puts a gun to my dad’s head, and then forces him to buy treats for the whole family. Misery loves company.

Dad, Timothy, & I visited the USS North Carolina Battleship Museum, the Bellamy Mansion, ate local oysters, went to the beach, and did some other awesome things. We had a really great time. I’ve learned that the longer I live somewhere, the less I notice the beauty and charm of the city. It was nice to see Wilmington through my Dad’s eyes. I felt a lot of gratitude for moving to somewhere so cool. : )

Commanders of a great ship

We went to Thalian Hall which is a beautifully restored theater in the historic section. We live right downtown so we walked there to watch a comedy put on by the local Community College called ‘All In The Timing” by David Ives. Parts were funny, parts were hard to understand, but it was really fun to be there with my two handsome men, Dad & Rich. And, because it was so cold, I got to wear my Owl beanie, and that is awesome.

Hand me my owl hat so I can walk out of here with some dignity.

We’re driving home for Thanksgiving and it is going to be a party. I’m picturing something like Madea’s Big Fat Black(man) Tanksgiving. The guest list includes:

My whole family (dad, mom, 5 kids, plus 3 boyfriends)
Nana & Mike (Mom’s mother & step father)
Phil & Francis (Mom’s father & step mother)
Rich’s mom & step father
Rich’s 4 year old nieces
4 dogs

It will be wild and I will keep you posted.

Love, B