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The biggest adjustment so far from our move from Orlando to Wilmington, NC has been the addition of cable television. When my free cable was shut off back in 2008, I was too broke to pay for an actual subscription and after that, I felt way above TV and enjoyed the shock of revealing that I didn’t actually have one. Internet (and the occasional Hulu afternoon) filled my void and so for the last 3 years, I just haven’t had that constant noise of a TV or luxury of instant mind numbing.

But it’s football season and since Dicky is paying the bills till I find a job, there it is…a big huge TV with a million channels in our living room, which is the only place I can get Internet (for now, until we get a new router).

I think all this change has my emotional stability completely screwed, if not non-existent. Yesterday there was several episodes of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and the text messages between my sister Brock and I went like this:

Me: I’m crying over the opening 10 minutes of extreme makeover home edition. I’m bored and not used to the emotional manipulation of television yet.

Brock: I was wondering how you were adjusting.

Me: OMG I’m crying again. What the hell is wrong with me?!?

Brock: I can’t watch that show either. Who’s the star?

Me: Ashley Tisdale who is totally lame but a family with 4 kids in an 800 sf house took on their 4 nieces and nephews so there is 10 living in a tiny tiny house.

Me: OMG!! All the kids got scholarships to college!

Me: And now their mortgage is paid too! I’M IN PIECES!!

An hour later.

Brock: I just caught the end of an episode and cried watching the reveal. It should be a crime to have such touching stuff on TV. Like a rating of “CLAB” (Cry Like A Baby) to steer us away.

Me: I’ve already changed my shirt because of the snot and tears on my sleeve.

Brock: OMG. Must. Stop. Watching. People with better hears than me.

GD you, Ty Pennington.