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In two weeks, I’ve slept in 5 different beds in 4 cites, reminding me of my rogue college days. But living like a nomad really isn’t bad. One suitcase and a computer bag makes for light traveling and a quick getaway if necessary.

My brother and excellent driving companion

Our trip up to Boone was quick, only lasted the weekend. And besides not doing much, we basically did nothing. Although by now,  I’ve read through almost the entire trilogy of the Hunger Games (ahhmazing) and eaten more ice cream and Frozen Yogurt since my departure than this entire summer.

We’ve made it all the way to Wilmington and though it felt lonely arriving in the small suburb outside of the city, our hosts have been super wonderful and made this transition easier. They’ve got a great place in Leland but we’ve all decided the better place to stay is across the river in Wilmington.

*Ohh and we hit a bat on the way in, right around Fort Bragg. Timothy found it this morning and pulled it’s tiny body out of the grill of our truck.

Poor widdle tiny batsky watsky

So we’ve found a really great place about 2 blocks from the river. omg, I just realized I don’t even know what it’s called…*googling…Cape Fear River. Probably named after the Cape Fear Community college situated right on the banks.

Although we were hoping for a nice house in the Historic district, we haven’t found one in our price range so we’re going to lease a beautiful condo on the top floor of an old building on 4th street. It’s already painted nice inside and has new appliances. We’re going to love it.

New Diggs!

It’s really small but we’re going to make room for our new roommate, Zach the Kodiak Bear (real bear, stuffed and mounted) that Dicky owns. It’s time to be reunited because they’ve been apart since he moved to Tulsa, OK. And although Timothy tried to spatula it to death in Orlando before we left, Zach prevailed and will be arriving soon.

On a side note, my aunt suggested that Zach the Kodiak Bear be the Best Man at our wedding. He immediately agreed and put on a tie.

Possible outfit for a future wedding.

And that’s it for now, folks. I’m off to the beach today and to sign lease papers.