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*sigh, some of the best blog posts I’ve read were those that came from the blogger’s heart. Well written, honest posts bring the reader and writer together. It’s one of the reasons why I love the new mommy posts on Jezebel. Those moms write about the hardships and good times of being a mom without the sugar coating I get from my friends.

I’ve started writing several blogs and they start out great – topics that aren’t super in-depth, easy writing or explaining. After a few posts, I become super self conscious and stop writing and my ish-damn-ues with blogging arrive in this order:

  • No one wants to know what I’m thinking about so why share
  • This topic is much too personal
  • I’m done with blogging until I can find a simple, easy to write about topic that brings me fame and fortune, preferably quickly and easily.

But this blog I’d like to dive into mind, body and character defects. So how do I write about me and my silly thoughts without being super bashful and defeating?

Outliers (book)

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I think the answer begins with why instead of how. Why do I want to write? Besides being rich and famous, I want to be a better, more entertaining writer. Most days, I believe that just like tennis or dance or singing, we become better writers with practice (Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, anyone?). So maybe I should just focus on this being a practice blog and be happy with my results, whatever they are. That’s how I am finally giving my boyfriend the runaround on the tennis court – lots and lots of practice.

*shew. My third post. That wasn’t all that bad. : )