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Que MIA’s song and the infamous number 27. Que the ‘Rehab’ and didn’t-see-that-one-coming jokes. But to all the haters:

1. If a person is racked with addiction, is his/her death less significant?

2. Is it fair to place the death of many over the death of one who is closer to the sympathizer?

All of the snickering and snorting about how shocking Amy’s death is sad. And the damning commenters who find it more shocking that there are fans mourning her death when unfortunately there were almost 100 killed shamelessly in Norway are clearly forgetting that sh*t happens everyday that doesn’t invoke the emotions of Americans. Were those children less innocent than Amy? Are they more valuable? Is there a ‘right’ event to be sad and moved by?

The fact is that sympathy and grief are not mutually exclusive, meaning, two horrific events can be mourned simultaneously. shocking.

It is sad that the citizens were killed in Norway. It is a shame when that act is committed anywhere but the truth is that it happens everyday. It’s all about perspective and whether a person feels more sad about one tragedy over another is completely personal and should not be regarded as insensitive or wrong.