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This week, so many random things happened that again, my brain thinks that every person will want to know about them! My inner Ke$ha rears her glittered head and shouts “Look at me! I’m so funny and silly and personable! And different! I’m so unique!”

And I went to the Central Florida BlogCon and was super inspired by all of the fantastic CFL bloggers who shared their experience and happiness being a blogger.

A few months ago, I started a blog about Orlando but realized I was in a market saturated with them. Then, I bought myownname.com and then was super embarrassed by it. I mean, I only purchased my full name as a domain because I truly believe I’m going to be famous one day for something (don’t we all hope that?) but I don’t want to seem presumptuous.

So this blog will hopefully be a success in that I can continually update it with my personal adventures and use it as a way to spread the word of Orlando, my beloved city.

If you’re interested in great blogs about Central Florida, check these out:






Brittany...meet Bamboo

Brittany...meet Bamboo